A Time Travelling Holiday.

Not everybody who wants to travel through time do so with a positive goal in mind. Yes, there are some who want to go and put right what once went wrong. Some want to go back and stop an apocalyptic viral outbreak that wipes out 95% of humanity and forces the survivors to live in underground bunkers.


Some have more self-centred goals. Going forward to try win the lottery or becoming a interdimensional playboy having affairs with beautiful women throughout time and space.


I wrote about Holiday companies offering trips into the past but say that these companies went back and bought a batch of tickets to Hendrix, or The Beatles. Of course, you would need to make sure that you didn’t go to a gig you attended in your youth as the last thing you want to do is bump into a younger version of yourself. I mean really, who wants to be reminded how bad their hair was in 1987.


In order to prevent issues, as pointed out last time, this of course would need to be heavily regulated. The last thing you want is time travelling touts going back and buying all the tickets to a gig. I mean imagine going back to 1963 for a concert and finding out it was full of people from the year 2023. Being in a room full of Time travelling hipsters recording the gig on their Pear Phone 12’s would totally kill the vibe of the gig. Given this I’m thinking travelling to a Music Concert in the past might be a really bad idea.


Maybe purchasing tickets to a sporting event is the way forward. For some people seeing Rumble in the Jungle, Or being there when Eric Cantona kicked that Nazi.. For me it is being there for Wrestlemania 3 when Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat stole the show and when Hulk Hogan Body slammed Andre The Giant.


Thing is with the rise of the far right recently I’m thinking that Racist Sap who Cantona kicked in the chest MIGHT have been a Time traveller. Damn it: so sporting events are out of the picture.


Ok as a conspiracy nut im thinking maybe time travel would give me a chance to answer these questions once and for all:

Who was on the Grassy knoll that day?

What really crashed in Roswell New Mexico?

Did we really land on the moon?

Did Prince Philip really arrange for MI5 to kill Princess Di in Paris?

What the hell happened to all of Elton John’s Talent?


Again there is a problem here. So many Time Travellers would be crawling all over these places that it would get a bit crowded. There would be so many people on the Grassy knoll that day that there would be no room for a sniper.. So im guessing Conspiracy Solving is also out..


Ok I’m running out of idea’s here so I think the last few options for my time travelling holiday experience are as follows:

Option 1: Go back and watch the eruption of Pompei (from a safe distance of course).

Option 2: Go FORWARD and bring back a s##t load of copies of the final Song of Ice and Fire book and sell them on E-Bay. The problem with this is i dont know when the lazy sod will get it finished so I have no idea how far im gonna have to go.

Option 3: Go back (not so far this time) and kill Bono before he becomes a sanctimonious prick


Let me know which options I should go with guys?


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