Problem with Time Travel.

I have wrote so much about time travel but we have yet to discuss the biggest stumbling block to functioning time travel. That is where will we actually land when our device takes us back in time? If we are even able to find a power source to charge our device (thats a big enough […]

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Emotionally, mentally, physically drained. I dont know whether my actions are unreasonable. I feel overwhelmed with constant battles. I didn’t know if I am in the wrong or not. I don’t think I am but with barely anybody I feel I can trust to discuss this all with, how can I even tell anymore? Told […]

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Going through my old unpublished blogs I found this. I can’t remember when I wrote it, Guessing it was about Christmas. Its unfinished which is why I never published it, but its an interesting insight into not only my mindset at that time, but how far I have come. I welcome the darkness like an […]

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A question of character.

I’m going to go on record here. I despise Jeremy Hunt. Its important I get this statement out now so that this isn’t interpreted as me throwing my support behind him for Tory Leadership. The reason for this is because of the events of the weekend, where police were called to BoJo and his girlfriend […]

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The Tory leader race.

I call it a race but really its a one man show. Its pretty much inevitable that Johnson is going to be the next Tory Leader and PM. This is scary. Because when HE ( a poundland version of Trump ) can’t inevitably deliver on Brexit, At this point we will either crash out with […]

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