Wrestlemania time again (part 2)

So I wrote my first post regarding this years Wrestlemania (you can read it here) on Friday. The plan was to write several more posts over the weekend but for one reason or another didn’t get round to it (Yep… I spent whole weekend in the company of my Amazing girlfriend). As such I’m putting […]

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Its Wrestlemania time again.

As we start Wrestlemania weekend I’m preparing myself for the highlight of my year. I’m going to run through all the matches over the next few days and give my thoughts and predictions. First lets start with Daniel Bryan Vs Kofi Kingston The build to this has been phenomenal. A play on allegations that Vince […]

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Untied kingdom

I once read a book several years ago called Untied Kingdom. A work of fiction about a Britain separated from the rest of the world by a rash political decision. As a result the entire countries infrastructure was broken.. it now seems like a prediction rather than a work of fiction. I once again wake […]

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A ‘little’ snack

A little bit of product placement here…… I’ve just ate the above. They were ok, bit bland, crunchy. I have bits of bugs stuck between my teeth now though. At £1.50 a pack it’s a bit expensive for something to be snacking on a daily basis. Its not the first time I’ve ate bugs.. chocolate […]

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When you can’t write?

Its funny but during my periods of illness I became a prolific writer. I put out loads more posts whilst unwell than I ever did whilst in a good place. Dont worry, me writing isn’t a sign I’m slipping again. I am literally in the best state of mind I’ve been in about three years. […]

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A long needed apology.

Every now and then I will revisit the topic of my suicide attempt. It was a fairly monumental moment in my life and truly changed everything for me. I hurt a lot of people on that day. People I really honestly thought didn’t give a sh*t, because let’s be honest. I really thought that nobody […]

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