Today is Roma Holocaust Memorial Day. The day marks the anniversary of the killing of 2,897 Roma men, women and children in the gas chambers of Auschwitz in 1944. We use this day to remember the lives stolen, somewhere between 220,000 and 500,000 Romani were killed by the Germans and their collaborators. This is somewhere between 25% […]

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Abusing the rescue

So it has come to our attention that Laura and I are being bad mouthed (well our rescue is at least), by two people who we refused to give a dog to. They have said that we accused them of starving the dog and that’s why we wouldn’t let them have it. They made the […]

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For years now pint sized preacher of hate Tommy Robinson (or whatever name he is going by nowadays has been stirring up shit against those seeking refuge. Asylum Seekers in his view should learn the language or go back to where they came from. Now it seems Tommy himself is claiming refuge from a perceived […]

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Jesus: the Lost years.

I often wonder what happened to Jesus in the 18 or so years between presenting himself at the temple aged 12 and rocking back up aged 30 to change the world. Now it’s entirely possible that he spent the entire time with his step dad, carving wood into various pieces of furniture and fittings. But […]

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So apparently Boris Johnson has set up a top secret task force within Whitehall to examine the mistakes his government have made during the current Covid pandemic. Why top secret? Why not be transparent? After all, if he is so pleased with his performance during this whole pandemic, why is he covering up the overdue […]

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Burning bridges

I was told this week that I burn bridges. It is a rather massive misconception. Because one of the things I do because of my illness, is that I tend to isolate myself for long periods, push people away.  Particularly those close to me. As I have said in previous blogs, I didn’t reach out […]

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Starting a new campaign.

Before I start this I’m still working on the choose your own blog post concept. It’s taking a little bit longer than planned. It will be done soon. I started a new DnD campaign today.. A new group. I’d never played with them before. K was playing with the group. With me running the game […]

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I wrote this in church. I sit in absolute silence. Isolated from the bustling world outside. The calm envelopes me in its embrace. There is a chill in the air. And yet, I feel a warmth. As it gets busier in the outside world, I welcome the tranquility, the sanctuary this place provides. When I […]

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