Welcome home

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Russell T Davies was announced to be returning to Doctor Who. Many people would agree that the period in which he was working on the show was the time, during which, modern Who was at its best. The story lines, the cast, the general energy of the show […]

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It’s a lonely existence. I thought my own mental health struggle was difficult enough, but here I am having come through the other side. I’ve never felt so alone. You see; I’m in love but the person I love has BPD (or at least something that falls under that very broad term). As she is […]

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When the first blow struck it almost took him by surprise. After all he hadn’t been expecting it. It took me by surprise as well. When I signed up for this I never expected to even land a single hit. It had all seemed so simple. Get in the ring, last just two minutes and […]

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The Bus: A retrospective.

My last post, although a work of fiction, must have rung true with at least some people to a degree. It was based on a number of small incidents which had occurred on public transportation over the years. Yes they had happened individually (not all at once) and yes they were clearly exaggerated for the […]

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The bus

It had been an unusually hot day. As I stood waiting for the bus It was crowded and stuffy. As the passengers continue to wait their patience was starting to wear a little thin. Once again several buses had failed to turn up in succession so as the size of the crowd built, it was […]

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Having gone from a situation where I found my time to be at a premium, where I had no concept of free time, now I find myself in the opposite. I’ve spent so much time being there for them that I now find myself lost. A half hour visit once a day, in no way […]

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Fish out of water

Imagine if you can taking a fictional character out of their setting and putting them into a different story. An entire different genre to that in which they were created. There are great examples of this out there (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for example, or the Sherlock/Lovecraft anthology, A Study in Emerald). For me, […]

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It feels like I’ve failed, like I’ve failed her. Everything I’ve done up to this point isn’t enough. I’ve let her down because it never should have gotten to this point. If only I could have done more, been better, but I am exhausted. Pushed to my limit and beyond. I can’t give her the […]

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Ghost town

I wrote this during the height of lockdown but never published it until now. As I begin the journey to work there is an eerie silence. Public transport is empty, the streets normally at this time busy with traffic empty. So few people except the ever present homeless, sitting shivering with nowhere to go. I […]

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