Its easy to look back in hindsight and judge something. When, however, you are in the moment its more likely that you will get blinkered with some degree of tunnel vision. Lets talk about Tuesday. OK, so as mentioned here, I did something a bit stupid. I tried to take my own life. Complete with […]

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One way ticket

Life is a journey taking you from event to event. Some of us have shorter journeys than others. Some of us have more difficult journeys than others. Why am I saying this? Because a few days ago my journey almost came to an end. I had a series of particularly overpowering anxiety attacks (four to […]

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Crown Jewel: my thoughts.

So another big Saudi show in the bag and this time there was a bit more riding on it. As opposed to Evolution on Sunday which although had a big dose of Nostalgia, was building towards the future, Crown Jewel embraced the past and ran with it. Opening with Hulk Hogan the nostalgia run didn’t […]

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WWE EVOLUTION: Card of the year?

  It’s been quite a year for women’s WRESTLING in WWE. The first Women’s Royal Rumble. The signing of Ronda Rousey. A women’s battle royal at Wrestlemania. The second annual Mae Young classic tournament. (which produced some absolutely amazing matches) The current crop of talent in the female division in WWE is amazing. It has […]

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A day in the life of….

I wake up at 3 ish. I’m scared to open my eyes because I know what I’ll see. Emptiness, loneliness. I put on red dwarf for a few hours (I’m up to season 6 now) and eventually cry myself back to sleep. Wake up again about 5:30 and check for messages. Nothing, this reaffirms my […]

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I spent quite a chunk of time in my own company recently. I’m totally rubbish at doing so. I absolutely hate being by myself. Something I need to tackle obviously. Biggest problem is I’m kind of self-defeating though. I regularly try to maintain contact with those that I know wont be there because their rejection […]

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