Dark future

This is an early draft from something I was working on that I never finished.   I Mis-typed torture and predictive brought up Tories. A Smartphone indeed. Best you don’t ask what I was looking for in google. I keep getting caught up in a scary vision of the not too distant future. A world where Social housing […]

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Bad day for Big Cass

BREAKING NEWS: WWE has come to terms on the release of William Morrissey (Big Cass). This comes as no surprise to me. I pretty much called it Here. Some people are just meant to be Tag Team wrestlers, and there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing stand out about Big Cass. Everything about him screams […]

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So Money in the bank has been and gone and it was in my view a very good card. Great showings by Rollins (as usual), Daniel Bryan being sandbagged by Big Cass (I’m hoping they can both move on from this feud). A smarky crowd shitting all over the Reigns match again. What I felt was […]

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Incoherant ramblings

I’ve seen a couple of posts recently about how to improve you blogs with lots of useful little tips and guidelines. This has once again planted a little seed of doubt in my head. Now I’m no professional blogger by any way shape or form. But I don’t think that my blogs are as bad […]

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Phillip the Dinosaur

Let me tell you a story. It’s a story about a dinosaur called Phillip. Phillip was a T-Rex. But unlike all the other T-rex’s, he didn’t like to eat meat. I mean, yeah, he would snack on a Stegosaurus when he needed to, but generally this made him feel very uncomfortable and he had never […]

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BJ Claypole

Let me tell you about my friend. Lets call him BJ Small. BJ hates people. You can’t call him discriminatory though. He hates almost everybody. He kind of reminds me of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Or at least the version of Austin that appears in Camp WWE. I’ve put an awful lot of thought into […]

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