Wrestlemania week.

I always get excited this tine of year… Sometimes it lives up to the hype and other times it doesn’t. There is a lot about this years show for me to get worked up about. I’m actually thinking Johnny Knoxville could steal the show. Let’s be honest, it’s not like he would be afraid to […]

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The day truth finally died.

This may come across a bit incoherent. Because I’m angry. I’m venting. We all knew he had lied, some of us were more reluctant to admit it than others but deep down we all knew. This is a man that has made a career out of lying. But that he has risen to such a […]

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The Doll

Working in a charity shop you see some strange things. But nothing could prepare me for hat which I found upon arriving at the premises this morning. It was my first day back after a short covid related absence. Left upon the doorstep was a tatty looking old bag. Now normally I hate it when […]

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Holocaust memorial day 2022

In the past few years I’ve written for Holocaust memorial day every year. This year I wasn’t going to do so. Not because it’s any less important. It’s just as important as ever (given the rise of divisive politics in the UK. arguably more so than ever). Rather I didn’t know what new I could […]

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Being an avid role-player most of my life, you can imagine when Vampire the Masquerade came along I really got into it. I mean, as far as RPGs go it was pretty f***ING fantastic. Then at one point I stopped playing it. The reason for this is quite long winded but ultimately a large part […]

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I’ve not really blogged as much this year for a number of reasons. Firstly; I’ve had a lot going on in life. This means my free time i write has been reduced greatly. Second; I’ve had a severe case of writers block. I have NINE unfinished pieces that I am unable to complete for one […]

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Limping into the building I felt a cold shudder. I once found comfort there, sanctuary. Maybe this was why I headed to church when things got so bad. Here and now though, I didn’t feel safe. The building was empty. I had figured it would be. At this time it was open for quiet reflection. […]

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Words don’t come to me easily. My brain is a bit Jumbled. Drowning in ideas I just cannot articulate. I have a hundred and one more stories to tell but can’t get them onto paper (metaphorical or otherwise). I wanted to write a series of short stories in the run up to Halloween.. Ghost stories, […]

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Trousers and children

Working for a charity shop we rely upon donations to keep us running. However I may know there was some good stuff down in the basement but I was hindered by the lighting (or lack of) down there. I was going to go down looking for coathangers initially but my manager said there was nothing […]

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