Asking for it?

I was walking with my girls yesterday. It was a nice day, so we thought we would take advantage. At one point a couple of ladies were walking towards us. One of them looked me up and down and then in a leering voice said “morning” the entire time staring at my crotch.  My daughter […]

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It started with a strange noise. I couldn’t place it at first but it was a constant beeping. It would occur when I was in a quite place, not doing anything to allow my mind to wander. Nobody else could hear it. And it came in short bursts. Then it would stop. It happened rather […]

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I opened my eyes to find myself in a white room. The light seemed unusually bright, possibly because of how it was reflected and in turn amplified by the immaculately white floor, walls and ceiling. The only furniture in the room was the comfy chair in which I found myself. The room had two doors. […]

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Zombie dreams

It was inevitable that, given the sheer volume of Walking Dead episodes Laura and I have watched recently (we are on series 6 in just a few weeks, thanks Amazon Prime), I would start having apocalyptic dreams. Dreams where my world is overrun by Walkers. Well a couple of nights ago it came. It started […]

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Holocaust memorial day 2021

I sit in reflection today. It is Holocaust memorial day. A day when we remember the atrocities carried out during that dark period. We look back at this with hope in our hearts. Hope that a horrific event on this scale can never happen again. And yet events like this have occured since. In Cambodia, […]

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Call me John.

I want to tell you a story. A quirky little tale about feeling awkward. This tale (and every word of it is true) starts about a decade ago. A new Indian restaurant had opened and I was keen to try it. So we ordered take out delivery. It arrived, no problems, within time. Tasted really […]

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Cage Trek

It started with a passing remark. A comment left on Facebook by my friend Pete the murderer (I know he isn’t too keen on that nickname. As he constantly reminds me it was never proven in a court of law). Now looking at this I had several thoughts. Firstly my brain corrected the spelling of […]

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Madness ending

As the clock ticks down on the tangerine tosspot’s final day in office, we can all look forward to an end to the madness. Of course he will still be ranting as much as he is able about how the election was stolen from him. But this time he will be shouting into the wind. […]

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