I was waiting for the bus this morning. I was getting frustrated because the bus hadn’t turned up (again). An old gentleman arrived and with a big smile on his face said good morning. I politely responded, not really wanting to talk but at the same time not wanting to appear rude. He began talking […]

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The Great Easter write off

It’s Easter, I’m under the weather and the kids want something to do. So I have set them a little challenge. They have four hours to come up with a story. Picked from a range of topics, chosen by chance (using the roll of a die). The kids are now hard at work, planning and […]

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Have you ever seen the film Conspiracy Theory? The Mel Gibson movie, made some time before his massive anti semitic meltdown. Thats not the point I wanted to talk about although it is quite ironic since any conspiracy theory does tend to have an anti semitic twist if you dig into it a bit deeper. […]

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A few days ago I wrote about how women have a right to feel safe when walking the streets. It’s following the case where a police officer murdered a woman. Police officers handled that by violently tackling a peaceful process. I said I wasn’t going to comment on this again but then I awoke this […]

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A right to feel safe.

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Let’s just say it. Women should be able to feel safe walking around at night. Shouldn’t have to look at every man as a potential attacker. A potential rapist. But no, despite numerous men feeling the need to (whenever this comes up) say “but it’s not all men” […]

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Asking for it?

I was walking with my girls yesterday. It was a nice day, so we thought we would take advantage. At one point a couple of ladies were walking towards us. One of them looked me up and down and then in a leering voice said “morning” the entire time staring at my crotch.  My daughter […]

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It started with a strange noise. I couldn’t place it at first but it was a constant beeping. It would occur when I was in a quite place, not doing anything to allow my mind to wander. Nobody else could hear it. And it came in short bursts. Then it would stop. It happened rather […]

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I opened my eyes to find myself in a white room. The light seemed unusually bright, possibly because of how it was reflected and in turn amplified by the immaculately white floor, walls and ceiling. The only furniture in the room was the comfy chair in which I found myself. The room had two doors. […]

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Zombie dreams

It was inevitable that, given the sheer volume of Walking Dead episodes Laura and I have watched recently (we are on series 6 in just a few weeks, thanks Amazon Prime), I would start having apocalyptic dreams. Dreams where my world is overrun by Walkers. Well a couple of nights ago it came. It started […]

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